Date : 14/03/18

Full arc Dental implants is a dental treatment in which the dental implants are permanently fixed on the support of four dental regions. This treatment is mainly done for rebounding all the upper or lower jaw teeth of the mouth.

Date : 16/01/18

“Beauty is power, smile is its sword”; the words of John ray are not only inspiring, they impart a blithe into the ears. Smiles, nowadays, may miss a tooth; or the thought of missing tooth can shadow your smiles. Unfortunate accidents, gum diseases, trauma or congenital defects can cause tooth decay apart from general aging. Customary treatment for a missing tooth is bridging

Date : 03/01/18

Fortune of medical science by ‘Full Mouth Reconstruction’ under International Dental Implant Centre at Chennai. Dental treatment is highly imperative for a steady and protected teeth and full mouth reconstruction is a fundamental procedure to handle the various problem with dental. All on Four dental clinical websites absolutely focused on replacing defected or mi

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