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Human bodies need a lot of upkeep, and the oral cavity is not an exception. Taking care of our oral health can have a significant impact on our lives. Take some time to make sure you're not neglecting anything important and getting the best oral health available. According to the Academy of General Dentistry, there is a direct correlation between a patient’s overall health and oral hygiene. People with chronic gum disease are at a higher risk of having heart problems. Women who have periodontal disease are seven times more likely to have a pre-term birth and giving birth to low-weight babies.


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If you’re looking for dental health tips online, chances are that you are already conscious of the impact of dental care. So, you probably know the basics: proper brushing, flossing, avoiding sugary snacks, avoiding tobacco and so on.


1.Get a new angle on things: 

Do you brush your teeth the right way? Its best to Position the bristles at an angle of 45 degrees near the gum line to clean the inside surfaces of the teeth and gums. Ensure both the tooth surface and gum line to be in contact with the bristles and using the back-and-forth, up-and-down motion gently brush in order to avoid bleeding. Brushing your teeth should be like a massage and don’t scrub… like scrubbing dirt from your bathroom tiles.

2. Mind your tongue:

Bacteria and Plaque can gather on, around, and below your tongue too. Clean the surface of the tongue every day with a tongue scraper. This will help prevent bad breath and also improve your overall sense of taste.

3. Chew your way to better dental health: 

Chewing sugar-free gum after meals and snacks can help protect your teeth and gums, particularly after eating sugary foods. Sugar-free gum sweetened with xylitol rinse off and neutralizes the acids released by the bacteria which are harmful to tooth enamel. Better still finish your meal with a cube of cheese to combat acid erosion in your teeth. For those who are experiencing any type of jaw pain or temporomandibular disorder symptoms (TMD/TMJ), chewing gum is not recommended. 

4. Drink Lots of Water

Do you believe it? The healthiest drink for our body is water. Water keeps us hydrated, gives your skin elasticity and glow, and keeps your muscles moving well. It’s also good for losing weight since there are no calories in water (so it’s even more guilt-free!).Not to mention, drinking water is also beneficial for your oral health. It encourages saliva production, wash down your food residue (also cavity causing bacteria), It keeps your mouth from being dry, helps fight against bad breath and fluoridated water strengthens teeth as well.

5. Most Common Bad Habits for Your Teeth: This is self explanatory

  1. Nail Biting
    2. Over brushing
    3. Snacking on Junk Food
    4. Grinding and Clenching
    5. Chewing Ice
    6. Using your Teeth as a Tool-Have taken a tag off clothes with tour teeth? Or you ever opened a bag of chips with your teeth?
    7. Alcohol and drugs
    8. Smoking and Tobacco
    9. Thoughtless Chewing- Chewing the end of a pencil or the tip of their eyeglasses when trying to think about something.
    10. Skipping the basics - Lack of proper care is itself one of the biggest bad habits for your teeth.

6. An ounce of Dental hygiene is worth a pound of cure

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Most people don’t bother with a dental specialist appointment until something goes haywire. A sudden pain makes it hard to chew, a tooth falls out or an injury causes a chip or crack. But most dental problems can be resolved if their underlying cause is identified in early stages. A regular dental check-up pays more than itself by preventing expensive dental procedures down the line.

Keep your oral health as intact as possible. The less invasive your dental procedures (such as preventive measures), the longer your teeth will last. Book an appointment with your Dentist soon.

The mission of All on Four Dental Implant Center at Mugalivakkam, Chennai is to deliver high quality dental care with significance on an integrated, multidisciplinary and comprehensive approach to dental problems. They have established a reputation as a center of excellence and assisted by team of excellent dentists in various subspecialties.

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