Date : 20/06/18

Full arc Dental implants is a dental treatment in which the dental implants are permanently fixed on the support of four dental regions. This treatment is mainly done for rebounding all the upper or lower jaw teeth of the mouth.

When to think about Full Arch Dental Implants?

  • Those who have lost most number of teeth
  • Those who don’t wish to use dentures
  • Losing of teeth due to old age etc...

Major Benefits of Full arc Implants

The advantages of full arc implants are as listed below:

  • Renewed confidence and comfort
  • Stable and Firmer than Dentures
  • Functions like natural teeth
  • Improved Facial Contours
  • No use of adhesives are required
  • Improves the appearance of the smile
  • A long-lasting solution, often for life

Full arc Implants Procedure:-

Before Procedure:

The dentist will decide the required treatment actions which are to be done and will let know the patient about the aims and expectations of the treatment procedure.

Implant Installing:

The initial, as well as the most important step in the treatment, is the installation of dental implants. This is for the replacement of the lost tooth roots. According to the patient’s condition, the number of dental implants used varies. After the fixation of implants, temporary teeth are fixed on top of them. Temporary teeth will function like natural teeth till the permanent bridge is installed.

Attaching the bridge:

The Permanent bridge is securely attached on to the top of the implants. With a full jaw replacement, the procedure normally requires 2 to 3 visits to get the bridge completely fixed.

Final Result:

The new teeth will be similar to the natural teeth both in appearance and functioning.

The International Dental Implant Centre, Chennai is specialized in dental treatments like Full Arch or Full Mouth Dental Implants in Chennai. Before the expert gets into any treatments here, the aims and the expectations of the procedure are clearly discussed and explained to the patient. Hence, the Center is regarded as the best place to visit for solving any orthodontic issues.

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