Date : 20/06/18

There are many dental problems that make people visit a dentist as often as they can. But, many of us while visiting dentist may worry about the pain occurred during any dental treatment. However, dentistry has used many methods to reduce pain and increase the comfort level of patients. Still, traditional methods can cause pain, discomfort and force them to avoid dental treatment. Painless dentistry is the answer to all this pain and discomfort. Painless dentistry helps people to avoid thinking about the pain during dental treatment. All on Four Dental Implant Center in Chennai is one of the best dental clinics in Tamil Nadu that offers painless dental treatment in Chennai.

What is Painless Dentistry?

Painless dentistry or sedation dentistry is a safe and mild form of sedation that is used to calm the patient during any dental treatment. This procedure relieves anxiety and numbs the affected area so the patient cannot feel any work in their mouth. By the time, procedure is completed; the effect of sedation has gone. Painless dentistry has followed different levels of sedation, such as

  • Minimal: patient fully awake and feel calmness
  • Moderate: patient not fully awake
  • Deep: little awake with minimum consciousness
  • General Anesthesia: patient completely unconscious

Is painless dentistry is harmless?

Yes, painless dentistry is harmless and safe. This technique has been practised for many years and new techniques are introduced time by time. The technique is regularly used in many dental treatments very effectively and efficiently. The effect of sedation in the form of calmness and numbness gives patients an antidote to pain and discomfort. Sedation can be administered to patients by

  • Inhalation- used Nitrous oxide or laughing gas for sedation
  • Oral pill
  • IV drip (Intravenous conscious sedation)- drug is directly administrated into the blood system
  • STA (Single tooth anaesthesia system)- computer-controlled local anaesthetic delivery system

All on Four Dental Implant Center in Chennai has all the specialized equipment, expert and experienced staff to make dental treatments smooth and painless. The center used IV drip (Intravenous conscious sedation) and STA (Single tooth anaesthesia system) for sedation. The center is fully committed to providing excellent services to the patients for maintaining their oral health and dental needs.

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