Date : 20/06/18

“Beauty is power, smile is its sword”; the words of John ray are not only inspiring, they impart a blithe into the ears. Smiles, nowadays, may miss a tooth; or the thought of missing tooth can shadow your smiles. Unfortunate accidents, gum diseases, trauma or congenital defects can cause tooth decay apart from general aging. Customary treatment for a missing tooth is bridging the imminent gap that supports the adjacent tooth. For proper anchoring, this requires grinding of neighbor teeth, which may be in better condition. Many people decide not to bridge for the aforementioned reason; the enfeeble character of the bridge adding insult to injury. A permanent solution to single tooth replacement can be, placing dental implants at the root of the tooth. Parent tooth and its root will be replaced, and the titanium post, then positioned surgically inside the gum act as the new root over which, new bridge or tooth is mounted.

The aesthetic quality; which makes the replacement in par with perfection to the normal human teeth; and the durable stability keeps dental implants at higher echelons. Implants also prevent bone decays with a better hygienic solution. Titanium, on a comparative scale, is biocompatible and not detected as a foreign body by the human immune system. The metal is lighter and non-allergic, attributing to the 95% success rate of implants.



International Dental Implant Center is the best dental implant center at Chennai with a prolific expertise in single tooth replacement implants. The Center has delved into dentistry with an adept arsenal of qualified doctors, ensuring complete satisfaction for the customers and is undisputedly the best center for full mouth dental implant works in Tamil Nadu. The doctors follow a strategic procedure for single tooth implantation; sneak peaking the patient’s complete dental history, continuous consultation, developing a solution and following up with the problem through an extensive discussion with the patient. At International Dental Implant Center, each patient is diagnosed and treated differently, so as to provide 100% satisfactory result irrespective of the complication involved. For assistance and online consultation.

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