Date : 02/02/19

A smile befits the key to all the hearts. A missing tooth can disrupt the smile balance, retracting you from your daily interaction with others. A missing tooth can lower your self-confidence due to which you may mislay many opportunities in your life. It can also cause oral health issues. The rest of the teeth naturally shifts to the empty space then. This can misalign your teeth leading to an improper bite, worn down enamel or other issues such as TMJ or tooth decay. While the problem poses a threat, the solution, The Single Tooth Replacement solves it.

single tooth replacement chennai


A titanium post that acts as the dental implant is placed beneath the gum line. A crown is mounted over the implant to replace the natural tooth. The International Dental Implant Center takes enough care to provide in Chennai, the most professional and trustworthy service with Dr Murugavel and his best team of dental professionals. While a single tooth dental implant is the best option for a missing tooth, not everyone gets the opportunity to undergo the same. Our doctors assure your candidateship for single tooth replacement before undergoing the procedure.

When both the tooth and the root are damaged, single tooth replacement is chosen. The patient is recommended to have a strong jaw bone density to proceed with the dental implants. At the International Dental Implant Center, we evaluate this using a 3-D CT scan. In case of not meeting the requirements, the doctor may recommend for a bone grafting procedure. Medical conditions like active diabetes, periodontal disease, etc are risk factors for the procedure.

single tooth replacement chennai


At All on Four Dental Implant Center, Chennai we also provide All on Four dental implants where all the teeth are substituted with just four implants. All on Four dental procedures are conducted under certain circumstances and thorough check-up. International Dental Implant Center also provides the best service of single tooth replacement Chennai and full mouth rehabilitation in Chennai. Full mouth dental implants substitute the whole of the teeth set for the patients with failing teeth.

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